Train The Trainer

Course Duration: 1.5 Days

This course is designed for individuals new to a training role who wish to develop their knowledge and skills, enabling them to create effective and thought-provoking training courses for their future learners.

When you have attended this course you will feel excited about delivering your very next training programme, as you will have the skills and confidence to design and deliver an engaging and motivational session. The individuals you train will be inspired to put their new knowledge and skills into practise and thereby achieve a higher performance.

During this course you will…

  • Explain what training is and how it differs to teaching or coaching.
  • Deliver a 5 minute training presentation on day 1 and receive feedback.
  • Develop your knowledge of Brain Theory and how the Brain learns.
  • Understand learning styles as well as your preferred learning style and the impact that this will have on your learners.
  • Develop your questioning skills to prepare you for group facilitation.
  • Identify techniques to handle challenging delegate behaviour.
  • Understand the importance of good preparation and what it entails.
  • Re-deliver your presentation on day 2, putting into practise what you have learned and receive feedback.
  • Develop an action plan for your continuous development.