Developing An Effective Leadership Style

Course Duration: 1 Day

The effectiveness of leaders within a Company is vital to its success. There are a variety of leadership styles and theories that have been taught for many years. During this course we will explore some of the latest research in order to help you develop a deeper understanding of your role as a leader and the skills required to meet the demands of businesses today.

When you have attended this course you will walk away feeling inspired to be the Leader you have always wanted to be. You will be eager to share your purpose and values with your team so that they feel inspired to want to follow you on the path towards achieving the team and department’s vision.

During this course you will…

  • Identify the benefits of effective leadership.
  • Assess your own leadership style.
  • Start with your ‘WHY’.
  • Discuss the impact of your leadership style for yourself and your team.
  • Develop an action plan towards developing your leadership style.