Insights Discovery Course

Course Duration: Dependent on needs

So what is Insights Discovery?

Our Insights Discovery Course, recognises and celebrates the fact that each person in an organisation is unique, with different styles, strengths, needs and expectations.

Insights is based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung and works with a person’s personal preferences in terms of attitudes, how we make decisions and how we view the world (functions).

It uses a very easy to understand system of four Insights colour energies that describe personality, so that recognising these functions can be quickly learnt.

Colour Energies

Identification of a person’s colour energies is through completion of an online questionnaire and from the results, a comprehensive 20+ page Insights personal profile is generated.

The profile uses language that is positive and supporting throughout. Therefore it is non-judgmental and individuals are able to understand their working style and how this impacts on their relationships with others in the business environment.

Individuals are also provided with ideas on how they might develop to improve their effectiveness at work and by the sharing of profiles between team members, can create a deeper understanding of others; laying the foundation for improvements in team performance.

Attendees can be provided with their profile, either at one to one sessions or more usually at a group training workshop.

Insights Discovery Workshop

Insights Discovery is a world-leading diagnostics tool. Workshops can be stand alone or a colourful thread embedded into a wider learning programme to meet organisational needs.

There is a high degree of participation as all workshops are bursting with energy, creative thinking and fun.

Participants are able to identify how their preferences can influence behaviour, interaction and communication in the workplace as well as discover their key strengths & weaknesses, the value you bring to your team, and tips on effective communication with other ‘types’.

Depending on identified need the focus can be delivered as a half or full day:

What are your needs?

Team Effectiveness – to improve the performance and success of teams.
Communication Skills – increase self-awareness and recognise how to adapt and connecting with others for powerful interactions.
Perceptive Leadership – gain confidence and clarity of leadership behavioural preferences, managing interaction for productive and effective outcomes.
Effective Sales – inspire participants to focus on the relationship and interaction. Follow every stage of a sale.
Customer Service – build skills and confidence to transform customer engagement and experience. Meeting customer expectations for increased loyalty and retention.

Organisational benefits of Insights Discovery:

• Leadership
• Customer Satisfaction
• Communication
• Employee Engagement
• Productivity and measurements
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Organisational values, vision and objectives
• Team Performance
• Change
• Continuous Improvements
• Recruitment and retention
• Relationships and rapport with others
• Conflict management
• Team Effectiveness

All workshops are delivered by our associate and Insights Discovery Practitioner Nina Goldsworthy-Griffiths