Unleashing Team Potential

Course Duration: 1 Day

This is a course for managers that gives them the skills to become inclusive leaders. It demonstrates how the diversity of their team, personality types, background, etc. as well as their protected characteristics, needs to be mapped and consciously harnessed in order to release the potential benefits. In doing so, it can assist in creating a more positive, creative workforce, increasing productivity and reducing sickness absence.

Unleashing Team Potential gives managers the practical understanding, specific tools and confidence to go back to their workplace and create a more inclusive working environment.

The course will be tailored to complement your organisation’s approaches, policies and resources. It is an interactive course using live drama and active exercises to explore the issues in a lively and engaging way.

During this course you will…

  • Learn how the diversity of a team can be harnessed to create value if it is managed inclusively and how it can destroy value if it is not
  • Explore how unconscious bias and assumptions can exclude team members and reduce productivity
  • Consider how to reduce the impact of unconscious bias in the team
  • Apply the 5 a day toolkit to practice inclusive behaviours
  • Practice how to communicate within a diverse team
  • Understand how to enable all team members to participate in decision-making
  • Practice how to challenge non-inclusive behaviour in others

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