Team Dynamics

Course Duration: 1 Day

Team Dynamics can often have an impact on:

  • The profitability of an organisation.
  • Whether people enjoy their work.
  • Staff retention rates.
  • Team and individual performance.

However, team dynamics are often neglected or ignored. This can have a significant impact on the way a team works. In this session we will describe what team dynamics are, what causes problems in team dynamics, and how they can be improved.

When you have attended this course you will be able to recognise the roles within your team and know how to avoid team conflict. As a result of changes you make you will not only feel more relaxed about managing your team but will also benefit from seeing your team work more closely together and achieving greater results

During this course you will…

  • State the definition of a team.
  • Apply a range of Team Dynamic Models to identify team roles and stages of development within a team.
  • Identify ways to adapt your style in order to manage the team dynamics effectively.
  • Understand what conflict looks like in your team and explain ways to resolve it.