Managing Difficult Conversations Training

Course Duration: 1 Day

Every Manager will need to know how to manage difficult conversations, within the workplace. Our managing difficult conversations training will equip your team leaders and managers with the skills they require to handle a variety of difficult conversations with confidence.

Employees will sometimes experience negative emotions and thoughts in the workplace, which can impact their performance.

Some factors which affect an individual’s mind-set and behaviour, may be work challenges or personal situations.

What is a difficult conversation?

A difficult conversation is a situation in which at least two parties are engaged where

(a) there are differing opinions, perceptions, and needs/wants

(b) feelings and emotions run strong.

Therefore it is imperative that all levels of management develop the key skills to manage these conversations effectively and sensitively.

During this managing difficult conversations training you will…

  • Identify the types of difficult conversations in your workplace.
  • Discuss the factors which drive human behaviour, which can lead to employees making inappropriate or ineffective choices.
  • Compare practical tools and techniques for managing difficult conversations and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Explain factors which affect motivation for employees.
  • Practise a technique for overcoming barriers, enabling individuals to move forward and closer towards achieving desired outcomes.
  • Explore the role of perception on your mind-set/actions and identify ways to overcome thoughts which may create conflict.
  • Agree and create an effective meeting structure for formal performance/conduct meetings.
  • Practise the delivery of a structured feedback model to ensure that developmental feedback is delivered in a positive and constructive way