Mental Wellbeing At Work

Course Duration: 1 Day

This course enables staff (managers and team members) to play their part in building a culture that recognises and supports the mental wellbeing of their team. In doing so, it can assist in creating a more positive, resilient workforce, increasing productivity and reducing sickness absence.

It gives staff the practical understanding, specific tools and confidence to go back to their workplace and create a working environment that better supports mental wellbeing.

The course will be tailored to complement your organisation’s approaches, policies and resources. It is an interactive course using video case study material, live drama and active exercises to explore the issues in a lively and engaging way.

During this course you will…

  • Learn how to spot the signs and anticipate the triggers of mental illness.
  • Understand to overcome the internal barriers that can prevent people from doing something to assist
  • Practice to talk to someone who may be experiencing mental health problems
  • Understand the limits of staff responsibility and when they need to seek help.
  • Explore where staff can get help
  • Consider how staff can safeguard their own mental wellbeing, including an introduction to mindfulness.

Other, related courses include:
• Mental Health Champions
• Mental Health First Aid (2-day, accredited course)
• Building Resilience