Company Purpose

Turner Corner Learning Solutions

Turner Corner Learning Solutions exists to support the development of all employees to achieve their career aspirations. We truly believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their potential, even if they do not initially have the belief in themselves. We want everyone who attends our courses or recieves coaching to have that ‘light bulb’ moment as they realise the steps they can take which will give them the performance results they have been aiming for.

We consult with companies within a wide range of sectors, providing flexible training and coaching solutions. Our services equip employees with the knowledge and skills to ensure businesses provide an effortless service to attract more customers and create a culture of high employee engagement. We provide the highest level of expertise at a very cost effective price.

What is the business objective you want to achieve?

Can we help you get there?

Yes if you want help to:
• Increase Customer Satisfaction but don’t know how.
• Deliver a service which drives existing customers to recommend your company to others.
• Stand above your competitors & attract more customers.
• Achieve optimum results on your training investments.

If any of the above describe your situation, imagine a short time in the future, where your employees are putting their skills into practice, and your customers are recommending your business to others.
Is that a great vision?

So why not take action now?

We are not a training provider which promotes a quick-fix approach. We understand that people development is important to businesses, and therefore you do not want a company that will deliver a 1 day course and then walk away in order to work with another Client.

Training followed by coaching has been proven to make training much more effective, in terms of staff productivity, performance and business results. It takes time for individuals to change habits which they have developed over a lifetime, and thereby post-training coaching provides individuals with the support they need to create new habits and produce optimum results.

Our Professionals are qualified Training and Coaching practitioners who develop learning support programmes with our Clients to ensure that they receive a personal and end-to-end service. We do not walk away until our Clients are satisfied their employees have been fully supported towards developing and utilising their new skills.

Turner Corner Learning Solutions is built on Values of Trust and Integrity, which are lived and breathed in everything we do.

Reasons for choosing us:
1. Jacqui Turner is an award-winning Trainer who is passionate about helping others develop their skills and achieve their career aspirations. She is able to provide an end to end service, with a personal touch, spending time getting to know your business needs, working with you through the design process and utilising her expert coaching skills to support the embedding process of the learning programme.
2. Jacqui specialises in the development of creative customer service programmes, which take a ‘holistic’ approach by focusing on the mind as well as the communication skills of employees. We all know how challenging it can be working within a customer service environment and sometimes negative/limiting beliefs can affect our emotions which in turn affect behaviour. Therefore, in order to ensure employees always deliver their best service, we understand how vital it is to equip individuals with skills to effectively manage their mind-set and emotions.
Positive beliefs, drive positive thoughts and emotions and positive behaviours.
3. We understand in today’s economy that return on investment is more important than ever. We guarantee to provide cost effective, high-quality and very competitive solutions which will give you Optimum Results. We don’t walk away until you are 100% satisfied.