15 Feb 2017

New Course – ‘Mind’ If I………

Are you looking for a Customer Service Course which really is different to what’s currently available by other providers? Are you used to courses which focus solely on soft skills but don’t really have the impact you envisaged? Are you looking for something unique which will improve your Customer Satisfaction scores?

We approach Customer Service differently to other providers. Having worked in Customer Service sectors for over 20 years, our Trainers understand just how challenging it is for Agents working in sectors where customers expectations get higher and higher. We understand that delivering soft skills training alone, just isn’t enough to equip employees with the skills and techniques to deliver a first class service.

In today’s climate, it is important for employees to understand how their mindset impacts their behaviour on a daily basis. What we believe, think and feel about our environment, processes and customers affects how we behave. Most of this is on a subconscious level and therefore without even being aware of it, if we are experiencing a negative mindset due to pressures at work, this will in turn affect our performance. Customers will pick up on tone and body language without individuals even being aware of this. They may be saying the right things but it just doesn’t sound genuine.

We are therefore now offering a 1 or 2 day programme, titled ‘Mind’ If I ….., which not only focuses on communication skills but it also incorporates emotional intelligence and NLP techniques to help employees take control of their mindset, change negative perceptions, manage everyday stressful situations and build a greater rapport with customers.

This programme will be tailored to our Client’s needs and is therefore not ‘Off the Shelf’, as this is not what we are about.

If you are ready to try a different approach because you recognise other courses haven’t given you the results you want – get in touch now.

After all Einstein’s definition of insanity is: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results – so press that pause button and try something different today!

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