Making A Measurable Difference

Course Duration: 3 Days

‘Making a Measurable Difference’ is a 3 day Customer Service programme. Day 1 is designed to equip Customer Service Advisors with the skills to manage daily pressures and negative emotions effectively so they do not have an adverse effect on service delivery.

Day 2 will enhance employee’s communication skills to be able to build stronger rapport with customers as well as confidently handle difficult conversations.

Training on it’s own will have a limited ability to help employees embed their new skills, as most of our daily actions are driven by our subconscious brain, where habits are formed. Habits cannot be changed in 1 day, when they may have been formed over many years. Therefore it is crucial that after any training course, managers have the skills to confidently coach team members to agree next steps and support individuals through the weeks ahead when new behaviours are being embedded.

Day 3 of the ‘Making A Measurable Difference’ Programme therefore focuses on coaching skills for team leaders and managers, placing them in a strong position to support their team members who have gone through Day 1 and 2.

The 3 day programme is ideally delivered over a three month period, enabling employees to embed their new skills over a period of 3 – 4 weeks before they attend the next session. However, we will work with your business to agree the time frame which works best for you.

When you employees attend this course and put the skills into practise in the workplace, your customers will experience an effortless service which they will want to tell their friends and family about. Attracting more customers usually happens as a result of customer recommendations, so it makes sense to ensure those recommendations are positive.

Investing in our 3 day programme will make a measurable difference to the service provided by all employees and not only increase customer satisfaction scores but also help to attract more customers.

If this is one of your key business objectives, why not give us a call today, so we can discuss your specific needs.

All out courses are tailored to meet specific client requirements.

DAY 1 – Emotional Intelligence

  • Develop your knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and explore the link between EI and performance
  • Identify how thoughts and beliefs affect behaviour
  • Change your perception – understanding the part ‘perception’ plays in determining our actions.
  • Identify emotional triggers and explore positive next steps to avoid a future reactive action
  • Review techniques to manage emotions effectively, including re-framing technique.

DAY 2 – Delivering an Effortless Customer Service

  • Create a positive first impression – The use of language which customers want to hear.
  • Using effective questions to accurately identify the customer’s needs and enhance call control.
  • Develop your listening skills, recognise internal & external barriers. & steps to overcome them.
  • Explore techniques to handle difficult conversations.
  • How to demonstrate empathy and show customers that you genuinely care.
  • How to build rapport with customers and how to adapt your communication style.
  • Create a positive last impression which leaves your customer feeling valued.

DAY 3 – Developing coaching skills

  • The principles and benefits of coaching.
  • The use of OSCAR coaching model to structure a coaching conversation.
  • Develop the use of coaching tools.
  • Learn the impact of personal beliefs and values on attitudes and behaviours of team members.
  • Ways to improve active listening skills and build greater understanding and trust.
  • The use of coaching documentation, including the benefits of a reflective diary.

During the coaching skills workshop there will be an opportunity to apply your coaching skills in group practise sessions.