12 Feb 2017

CV & Interview skills – Guidance you can’t afford to miss

Are you looking for a new role? Are you fed up of sending your CV to recruitment agencies and employers and not getting a response? Or have you been to an endless number of interviews and you’re not achieving success?

In our experience many people struggle when it comes to structuring their C.V and knowing how to make it stand out. They spend hour after hour searching through job adverts, adapting their CV to fit the criteria and applying for more jobs than they can keep count of, but still achieve the same outcome – No reply! if they are one of the lucky ones who are invited to interview, they spend 3-4 hours each time preparing their examples. In addition to this, the next obstacle to overcome is the fear and anxiety that most people experience as the interview draws closer.

So if you add up the number of hours that you spend writing your CV, searching the internet for jobs, then adapting your CV to ensure it fits the spec and then add in the additional hours of interview preparation, that you repeat over and over again for each job that you apply for – Is this the most productive and cost effective use of your time, especially if you are not achieving success?

Is it time to press the pause button, break the cycle and do something different? After all isn’t Einstein’s definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

If these are areas that you recognise would benefit from professional guidance and support, as you want a better outcome for yourself, as well as using your time effectively; we are pleased to announce that this is a service that we are able to offer.

Jacqui Turner has a wealth of experience working with individuals in many sectors such as Lloyds, HSBC, Welsh Water and Tesco; providing guidance on how to create a professional CV and prepare effectively for an interview. Many individuals have achieved career successes they were striving for, after taking on board the advice and support provided.

For a minimal and extremely competitive cost, we will provide 2 reviews of your CV, which will include guidance on the format, wording, content and tips to get yourself noticed. When you are invited to interview we will also provide a one to one consultation session to support you, by phone, email or skype.

If you are looking for a service provider who will support you through the whole process; providing a professional and friendly service – look no further. Please contact us for further details, including costs.

What have you got to lose? Do something different today and achieve a better result!

5 thoughts on “CV & Interview skills – Guidance you can’t afford to miss”

  1. Jacqui has helped me write the best CV I’ve ever had and has given me the confidence to aim higher in the for my next position.

    Her expertise and guidance was invaluable when crafting an eye-catching personal profile and highlighting the key skills and achievements at each stage of my career and I’ve received excellent feedback from recruitment agencies.

    I also attended an interview skills workshop and am confident I can now give the best account of myself at any type of interview. Jacqui particularly coached me to develop strong competency examples and taught me how to adapt my answers to different questions and frameworks. I had lost all confidence in my ability to do well at interview but with her skills, coaching and guidance, Jacqui has now helped me regain the confidence I need to apply for more challenging roles. I can’t recommend her highly enough and am grateful for her patience and skill.

  2. Jacqui is one of the most passionate, knowledgeable and inspiring career woman I’ve met. Through ongoing mentoring and coaching sessions, Jacqui has not only massively increased my confidence but has also given me my own passion to strive for my goals and achieve them.

    During the interview workshop I attended, Jacqui guided me on how to give detailed and relatable answers which would showcase my abilities and strengths to any interviewer. In addition to this, she also taught me how to tailor my answers to cover the appropriate questions and the relevant leadership skills.
    We practised these answers; identifying areas where I could benefit from stronger competency scenarios and making sure that my style of answering suited me as an individual so that I felt comfortable delivering my scenarios in high pressure situations.

    Not only did these new skills help achieve my latest career goal but they have also shaped how I will approach all of my future career interviews and also any important conversations with Management where I previously would have felt less comfortable.

    To have Jacqui’s guidance and support during your CV building and interview preparation would be to give yourself the greatest chance of success. Without a doubt, I cannot recommend Jacqui enough to help you on your journey to your new career.

  3. Jacqui assisted me when preparing for an interview. I found that the nerves were getting the better of me and preventing me from really selling myself at interview stage. With the amount of competition I was up against, this was really impacting my chances of progressing through the recruitment process or being offered a position. Jacqui worked with me on my preparation, ensuring my examples were strong, detailed but concise. She also gave me advice on what I should take with me to the interview, which helped me feel confident that I wouldn’t forget key information on the day.

    Finally, Jacqui gave me some fantastic advice and support that helped me deal with the nerves before and during the interview. The techniques she suggested I use really helped me control my mindset and as a result, kept my nerves under control.

    I have had two interviews since Jacqui’s support and have been offered both positions.

    Thank you Jacqui Turner, you were amazing and I could not recommend you enough.

  4. I was struggling with my interview and presentation skills where I applied for a management role, not having had any interviews in the past 10 years.. Needless to say I made a complete hash of it.

    I approached Jacqui for some assistance, I found her to be very approachable and was instantly at ease in discussing what I wanted to improve on. With expert guidance and pointers from Jacqui, we completed several mock presentations and Jacqui highlighted my weak areas and what I needed to work on.

    A few months later I applied for the same position and was successful. I went from being very nervous on my presentations to fully confident…. I cannot thank Jacqui enough for the hard work and guidance she provided for me, it really did make a difference for my own personal development.

    Thanks Jacqui.

  5. I would highly recommend Jaq for any help, support and guidance that you require with either writing or updating your CV. My CV was something that I had not looked at for probably 15 years as all jobs I had gone for were internal company moves. Jaq really got me thinking about the skills and desirable factors I have that can be transferred across to other job roles.

    I am looking at updating my CV again in the near future and will definitely be contacting her for further advice and support.

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