MIND IF I…. Customer Service Course

Course Duration: 2 Days

Why choose this customer service course?

This is a Customer Service training course with a difference.

This isn’t a typical course which focuses solely on call handling skills.

This course combines Emotional Intelligence with Call Handling skills, which will equip employees with the techniques to manage negative beliefs and emotions that they face on a daily basis and deliver service excellence.

A negative mind-set will have a negative impact on the employee’s behaviour and in turn the service they provide their customers, unless they know how to effectively manage their mind-set and frustrations.

We will develop the emotional intelligence skills of your call handling teams and equip them with the tools and techniques to manage everyday emotions and pressures within the workplace.

Do you sometimes see team members take their frustrations out on colleagues and/or customers?

What about when the ‘rumour mill’ starts, because someone has heard about a potential business change, but they share it without the full facts? Does this have a negative impact on team morale and service delivery?

This course really will achieve the results that your business is looking for, that standard call handling courses won’t.

We can also include a 3rd day of coaching skills to enable managers to support their staff effectively when embedding their new skills

Research has shown that when coaching is provided, post training, the return on investment can be up to 4 times higher than training, alone.

We want to ensure that when you work with us, you achieve the return on investment you are looking for.

The course can be run over consecutive days or split over a timescale which meets your needs

Click on the Link below to download the course overview to learn more.

Mind if I ….2020