27 Mar 2017

ABIIDE Coaching Model – Created by Jacqui Turner

I’m very excited to announce the creation of a new Coaching Module – ABIIDE. I have used many coaching models over the last 20 years and many of them focus on goals and outcomes. I have found these models work very well but every client is different and therefore it is important to vary the structure of your coaching questions and use words and phrases that the Coachee can relate to and inspire them to take action.
I have found that words such as aspirations and ambition are not only forward thinking for Coachees but they also work to create a positive and inspiring feeling or vision for individuals. When Coachees think about aspirations, they often have a sense of excitement and motivation, as it isn’t something that has been forced on them, such as a target, but more importantly it is something they aspire to achieve.
If you want to check out the ABIIDE model, simply go to the resources page, pop in your name and email address and download the guide for free. I only ask for your email so that I can personally thank you for using the website. I do not use information for marketing purposes, without permission.

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