A memorable & effortless Service

Course Duration: Dependent on needs

How confident do your customer service employees feel when they deal with an angry customer?
How do they feel, after they’ve finished the conversation? Does their experience affect them for the next half an hour, hour or longer?
How does this affect the service received by the next customer?

Dealing with a customer’s anger is never easy. The impact of the anger on an employee’s performance can absolutely have an adverse effect on service delivery

Emotional intelligence is a shield of protection so that service delivery does not depend on the behaviour of others, whether that’s the behaviour of a colleague or customer

Effective management of emotions = Great service delivery to all customers
Emotional intelligence helps employees not only manage the customer’s emotions but also their own.

Why would you want to watch Tom without Jerry or order Macaroni without Cheese?

It wouldn’t make sense, right?

So why would you want to invest in customer service training without Emotional Intelligence?

Are you a business owner, who is frustrated with lower than desired customer satisfaction results in addition to a reduction in customer retention? Are you passionate about customer service and want to ensure your employees have the skills to deliver a memorable and effortless service, so that your customers will want to recommend your company to their friends and families.
Customer recommendations are an important factor in attracting more business.

If these are the results you are seeking, then it is your responsibility to ensure your employees receive the highest quality of training, tailored to their needs.

Your business couldn’t be in better hands.

When your employees have attended this course they will be able to approach all customer queries with confidence knowing that your customers will believe that they have been understood and that finding the ‘right solution’ first time is your highest priority.

During this course you will…

  • Develop an effective communication structure.
  • Develop emotional intelligence skills, to remove the impact of negative emotions on the service delivered to customers.
  • Be inspired and motivated to achieve your potential and do what it takes to deliver a level of service you are proud of.
  • Asses the impact of words/phrases, tone and body language which hinder or build rapport.
  • Identify different customer personalities and describe how you will tailor your
    conversation to match your customer’s style and needs.
  • Develop effective questioning and listening skills to deliver an effortless service and deliver the right solution, first time, every time.
  • Develop empathy skills which demonstrate to customers that you truly understand their
  • Agree your next steps towards improving the service you provide your customers.