10 Feb 2018

Developing Your Coaching Skills – Open Course

Turner Corner Learning Solutions is excited to announce our 2 day workshop which will help you to develop your coaching skills so that you can lead and support your team to truly achieve their potential

This is an Open Course, being delivered in London or if you require this training at your premises, for your employees – please get in touch to discuss info@turnercorner.co.uk

Although this is a 2 day programme, you can opt to attend the first day only, if it is difficult for you to attend both days.

Are you a Leader who focuses too much time giving your team members direction and solving everyday issues for them? If so, you are probably finding there simply isn’t enough time to focus on the important tasks which will achieve team and business goals.

It is true that ‘Telling’ a team member what to do, by sharing your experience, can be quicker than coaching in the short term. However if you repeatedly provide the answers, team members will become heavily reliant on you and therefore take up a large part of your day/week.

If you want to break this cycle and support your team to develop their decision making and problem solving skills,so they come to you with solutions rather than problems, this 2 day workshop is most definitely for you.

The course is aimed at Managers/Leaders who wish to form stronger relationships with team members and become a more effective coaching style of Leader.

I regularly deliver ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring skills but I understand that not everyone has the time or need to complete ILM assignments in order to gain the ILM Qualification. However, many managers want to focus on developing their coaching skills by attending an interactive workshop.

This is a course which is based on the ILM Level 5 content I deliver. You will receive a certificate of attendance for your CPD.

The 2 day course will cover the following:

The principles and benefits of coaching

The beliefs and prinsiples required of an effective manager who coaches

Assess the impact of learning styles in good coaching practice

Develop the use of coaching tools

Ways to improve active listening skills and build greater understanding and trust

The use of OSCAR coaching model to structure a coaching conversation

Recognise barriers to effective coaching and develop strategies to overcome these

Understand the impact of personal beliefs and values on attitudes and behaviours of team members

Understand the benefits of coaching contracts

The use of coaching documentation, including the benefits of a reflective diary

If you want to be a Leader who inspires, book yourself a space today. Choose day 1 ticket price, if you wish to attend the first day. Choose admission for 2 days if you would like to benefit from developing your coaching skills to a higher level and are able to attend the full course

Click here to book your place

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